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Sometimes I just need a way to quickly find out some information about an Active Directory environment. In particular, details such as the functional mode of the forest as well as each domain, the FSMO role holders, and the global catalog servers in each AD site.

I’ve written a PowerShell script that pulls this information for me and outputs it to the console as well as to a HTML file. The HTML file is useful for when the info needs to be bundled into some documentation or reports about the environment.

You can find the script on Github – Get-ADInfo.ps1

The script requires the Active Directory module for PowerShell, so you can run it on a DC or anywhere the RSAT tools are installed.

[PS] C:\Scripts>.\Get-ADInfo.ps1
*** Forest: exchangeserverpro.net ***

Forest Mode: Windows2003Forest
Schema Master: S1DC1.exchangeserverpro.net
Domain Naming Master: S1DC1.exchangeserverpro.net
UPN Suffixes: esp.local

*** Domain: exchangeserverpro.net ***

Domain Mode: Windows2003Domain
PDC Emulator: S1DC1.exchangeserverpro.net
Infrastructure Master: S1DC1.exchangeserverpro.net
RID Master: S1DC1.exchangeserverpro.net

*** Global Catalogs by Site/OS ***

Site, OS                                       Count
--------                                       -----
DataCenter1, Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter     1