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Many of the customer projects I work on involve collecting an inventory of basic information about the Windows Servers in the environment, such as CPU/memory specs, OS versions, volume sizes, and so on.

To make this inventory process less time consuming I began using PowerShell scripts to collect the information I was interested. Over time these scripts got less messy and more useful, so now I want to share my current script.

This PowerShell script, Collect-ServerInfo.ps1, will collect information from Windows Servers that includes:

  • Computer system information (name, make, model, processor, memory, domain)
  • Operating system information (OS name, version, install date)
  • Memory information (capacity, modules, speed)
  • Pagefile information (size, location)
  • BIOS information (manufacturer, version, release date)
  • Logical disk information
  • Volume information
  • Network interface information
  • Software information

The information is output to a HTML file per server.

Usage Examples

Collect information about a single server named SERVER1.

.\Collect-ServerInfo.ps1 SERVER1

Collect information about multiple servers.

"SERVER1","SERVER2","SERVER3" | .\Collect-ServerInfo.ps1

Collects information about all servers in Active Directory.

Get-ADComputer -Filter {OperatingSystem -Like "Windows Server*"} | %{.\Collect-ServerInfo.ps1 $_.DNSHostName}


Collect-ServerInfo.ps1 can be downloaded from Github.